Blog 7 semester 2

The sources, “everything you need to know about the science of store layout” and “surviving the sneaky psychology of supermarkets” are both heavily related. Each source is from online but are highly reliable. The first source openes up by telling you what a store should look like inside to drawl people in. Then it heads into what kind of store layout design is right for you. I found this one interesting because it was a whole different perspective than the second source. The second source relates to the psychology behind the layout and how it is effective. It tells you all the similarities that you could find in all retail stores. Both sources aren’t about the same exact thing but end up meeting each other in the middle on some points. 


Unit 1 blogpost 3 

An argument based off my topic would be pricing. When the customer enters the store he or she  are set to come and get everything off their list. Supermarkets are relying on the fact that you wont check what you end up buying. Its more of an impulse purchase which is what retail stores are hoping you will make. Supermarkets also are banking on the customer to buy in bulk. You would think buying in bulk would save you money, but thats not the case all the time. When you buy in bulk you might end up spending more than you originally intended to or end up buying too much produce. When you buy too much produce you end up wasting food and money in the end. Such techniques are increasingly popular because of a deepening understanding about how shoppers make choices. Retail stores also claim to play slow music so you end up walking slower throughout the store. In result of that the shopper might see something he or she likes that wasn’t already on their list. Along with music playing they usually have the magazine or book section close to the entrance way for people to stop and “chill” and maybe purchase a magazine or two. People tell market researchers and “focus groups” that they make rational decisions about what to buy, considering things like price, selection or convenience. But subconscious forces, involving emotion and memories, are clearly also at work.

Blog 2 Semester 2
Grocery Store Designs are Based on Psychology
The first link listed is a brief article about how each individual shelf in your local grocery stores are designed to fool you. It goes into further detail about how cereal isles are designed to trick you into getting the name brand cereals like; lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch, fruity pebbles are all eye level view with the costumer. In response to that design its the first thing people see and reach for. The second link listed opens up the discussion by saying, “Psychology plays a role in consumer behavior. Focus groups, sales data and general psychology have helped managers understand shopper habits, which have led to the formulation of effective floor plans and shelf layouts.” The third link lists how customers senses are engaged the moment they walk into the grocery store. For example, the entrance leads straight to the flowers which give the costumer a feel of walking into a fresh room.

Blogpost 1

For me it’s been hard to pick out a topic to really focus on. After some thinking I finally came up with why grocery store shelves are organized the way they are. What drives my interest for this is because when I shop there I tend to buy more than I came to get in first place. 

Unit 4 post 5

My “feel good” things about the course would be participating in class. Mostly because it helps me feel more engaged which helps me retain information more effectively. I also had a “feel good” moment when we were assigned the music video assignment. I low key enjoyed it. I also love the fact that my roommate was in my class because i wouldn’t have found the class otherwise LOL just kidding. It was good to have a second opinion on  My not so successful moments of the course would be the introduction of analysis. I really didn’t understand it at all and would frustrate me In class when I couldn’t get it. I also am very bad at quizzes which effects my grade so I’m shit out of luck on that one. I enjoyed your class Mr. Cole!

Assignment 5

Every year when school starts to get closer and closer to summer break our most popular announcements at the end of the day over the intercom were; “It’s getting close 
to the end of the school year make sure you finish strong” and “make sure to go home 
and remind your parents about reenrolling for next school year.” Anytime those words 
were said by our headmaster you can always guarantee hearing a discussion from a 
student about how much tuition has increased over the years. We as a community see 
the tuition price change, but don’t see where the money is being used towards 
maintaining the core values Greater Atlanta Christian School has promised us from the 
When you walk onto GACs campus you expect to encounter a non-judgment, 
humble, generous and welcoming Christian atmosphere except you receive a whole lot 
of glamour. During senior year, we got to listen to how the school will evolve into the 
upcoming year after we parted our separate ways. We all sat there in amazement as 
they talked about building a tower in the middle of the campus so everyone around the 
radius of the school will recognize who we are and what we stand for. Let alone it being 
a very expensive project that was brought to the student bodies attention from our 
school board. Being caught off guard by the absurd changes waiting to be done it really 
makes you think hard about how GAC prioritizes. Do we really have a say in where the 
money we donated from our pockets is going towards? We can spend millions of dollars 
to build asinine structures rather than focusing more on service and giving back to the 
community around us. Christians are suppose to be a pillar in our community, but the 
community around GAC is severely impoverished. The local areas need a caring hand 
but instead GAC appears to be an egotistical maniac. Crime rates rising, unemployment 
rates rising, dependency rates rising, but GAC cares more about the flash and appeal 
rather than true substance. Everyday driving to school was a journey. One would pass 
through seeing a drug deal, robbery, or it seemed the whole community walking 
together on the street. One of my friends was almost abducted outside of the school by 
a member of a notorious sex trade cartel. Instead of following true Christian ideologies 
and practices, our school ignored people in trouble. Even when trouble showed up at 
their own doorstep. Students, parents, and faculty have become irate with where the 
school is going. As Frederick Douglass once said, “If there is no struggle, there is no 
progress”. The struggle to change the school is real and our actions are the only thing 
that will lead to change and progress. My opinion on a direction GAC can take would be 
getting the parents of the school more involved in after school activities, academics and 
service projects that could help strengthen their Christian values and beliefs. A huge 
benefit from having families involved in school life would be able to see their change 
and focus with their own eyes. another way we can try to change the school is funding 
for our mission trips to do good and to refurbish communities around the world. 
Learning who you are and being able to experience leadership skills, passion and 
One important aspect of growing the school is getting the parents more involved 
in everyday school activities. From academics to service projects that could help the 
students strengthen their Christian values and beliefs. When the board members saw 
the schools progress on the extra curriculums, they became to be more supportive. In 
my junior year of high school, I had to fundraise thousands of dollars for a trip to Kenya. 
Which in other words, my parents had to pay even more money to fund GAC. 
Surprisingly, the school support came through and my second trip Kenya was on the 
house. You could slowly see the personality of the school begin to change. No longer 
was it’s only desire curb appeal. The extracurriculars began to strength which included 
volunteering in the impoverished areas around the school itself. The values that one 
would expect when walking onto the campus were finally being fulfilled. 
Even in recent years, GAC has never been one of the most diverse schools. 
Slowly, they began to assimilate to current political and cultural beliefs. This brought a 
new age to the school. Instantly it became more respected and inviting. Which lead to 
great academic growth throughout all the schools. It opened up the doors to widen the 
range to the academic community. Every student in my graduating class went to 
college. That is a rare thing to happen throughout the history of the school. Hopefully, 
the positive outlook for the school will continue down this road. 
When we look back on our high school years, we hope to look back with 
fondness as you remember all the memories and obstacles that made you the person 
you are today. During my first few years, I did not believe this future alma-mater would 
be anything to be appreciative of. However, the schools progression from shallow to 
slowly change into a generous and moral institution will hold my conclusion. Sadly the 
tuition will always be on the rise and we were unable to make a dent in that. There is 
significant difference in the substance overcoming the flash. But the parents and 
student progress in reforming the school back to the correct Christian stature will have a 
resounding effect.

In class blog post

My community has a problem with the food being served at our school cafeteria, and we should come together as a school and compromise how we can make it better because so many people are unsatisfied. Ways we can make this problem better is letting the people have a say in what should and shouldn’t be offered as food options. Having more nutritious food options because as of right now the options are limited. Lowering the prices or having discounts on certain days because the disadvantage of being a poor college student. Having food that doesn’t benefit the health of college students makes their chances at being successful slightly harder. 

Unit 4 post 3

The problem with my community would be that it’s so closed minded that if its not their specific way something is done then it’s incorrect or concidered the wrong way. The community I’m referring to is my high school. I don’t want to make this about the teachers but the teachers have a big part in this unfortunately. I came from a Christian school where we were required to have a bible class and chapel every single day. In bible class we were taught a certain way to think religion should work. I remember sitting in class giving my opinion on a certain matter and was shut down by my teacher because that isn’t the way he believed so he completely discarded where I was coming from. I feel like if they were more open to what we believe/think this situation wouldn’t be a problem for me but it did impact my expirence during high school very much so. The solution to this problem would be to not shove your beliefs down someone’s throat but to be open minded about everyone’s opinion and let that person have a chance to say what they think/expirencing. 

Unit 4 Post 2

I only have 2 problems that I can think about that I come across on a daily basis. First problem would be the cafe. They have limited options. Have the time they run out of food and the healthy options are close to none. The prices are also a little outrages. I could fix this problem by not going to the cafe and making my own food or going out to get my own food. The second problem would be the construction outside of North Commons. They blocked off the sidewalk on the way to class so you have to walk in the grass which is now destroyed by how many times it’s rained and then stepped on. I could solve this problem by walking around but who wants to do that? 

Unit 4 post 1

For assignment three I felt like it was easier to analyze for the most part. I feel like I did a good job of doing what we were instructed to do. I like the approach we took for assignment three by analyzing a music video. I feel like it really helped me get the concept of analysis. As always I’m slacking a little bit on our reading quizzes. I do read for homework but when quiz time comes around I tend to forget what information I read.