Unit 1 blog 4

Coming into college I thought that english would be primarily my class that I would be writing in most. For now that seems to be the case, but I don’t doubt that my other classes will squeeze in some essays here and there. My UNIV class I have already written a small essay for. For english I assume we will be writing frequently, but for math not so much. The classes I see myself writing in most would be; English, UNIV and Psych. I see myself writing in these classes because of the way the class is set up. Writing essays isn’t just putting words down on a screen its more than that. Its understanding the material you are learning about and interpreting it into your own words. You usually learn a lot from writing a paper from all the research or familiarizing yourself with that certain topic. I have a feeling that after this year I will have written a lot of papers in hopes to preparing myself to become a better writer.  


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