Unit 1 post 5

Initially reading over the criteria and description of the essay topic I was confused and scared on how I was even going to start my paper. After discussing it with my roommates and breaking down what we actually had to focus on I began to have a idea of what I was going to write about. After starting my essay it went a lot smoother. After all starting is always the hardest part for me. I dug deep into my past and thought of topics I could write about and decided it would be easiest to write about something I was passionate about. After coming up with the three stories I immediately started my writing process. The things I wrote about I had a lot of compassion for so as expected it was one of the easier essays I have written. I could go on and on about how Kenya impacted me or how my grandfather made me realize how life is short and to enjoy every second you have. My writing isn’t always easy and flowing so writing it came with some bumps in the road. I had times where I was stuck on a topic or didn’t no where to go after a point. Overall this essay I actually enjoyed because we had control over what we wanted to write about. It wasn’t just making the required word count or pretending to care about the topic it was actually enjoyable for me. 


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