Unit 2 post 2

The Doritos commercial that aired during the XLIV super bowl commercial starts out by a man knocking on the door with a buquet of flowers. A woman answers the door and immediately has a smile on her face. She thanks him for the flowers and lets him in the house. She continues to walk to the kitchen while saying to her son “jaylen this is Kyle play nice.” She proceeds to walk out of the scene while the young boy and the “mystery man” meet for face to face for the first time. The man sits on the couch and asks, “what’s going on little man” and he asks about his video games while proceeding to take a Doritos chip from the chip bowl. The boy drops the remote that was clenched tightly in his hand and rushes over to the man before the chip is placed in his mouth. In an instant the boy slaps the chip away from his mouth and says, “don’t touch my Doritos and don’t touch my mama.” 


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