Unit 2 post 5

This. Now this photo reminds me over summer. Who doesn’t like summer? No school or homework to worry about just hanging out with friends and having fun. The water is absolutely breathtaking to me in the photo. If I could I would drive through my phone straight into it. The rope swing reminds me of the time my squad and I went to the cliffs and that brings back so many funny and great memories for me. The other aspect of this photo that I love is that she’s the only one in the photo. For all we know she’s alone. Doing her own thing. I love that. This sounds so hippy-like, but being in nature alone only makes you realize how small you are compared to the rest of the world. Everything in that moment doesn’t matter. You are nothing. The freedom to swing and swim in a isolated place is so freeing to me. There is one place I would love to be all the time and that’s the beach. This reminds me of a tropical paradise that comes with endless fun and activities to do. Why am I not there?! 


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