Unit 3 post 1

The previous assignment was more of a challenge for me as we analyzed an advertisement. Just getting the grasp of what analysis actually is and doing it right was difficult for me. Not being able to be opinionated or write how you usually write was a different obstical to tackle. After writing this paper I feel like I have more of a handle on what aspects I should focus on in analysis. It’s also cool to learn how certain companies choose to show their ad in a certain way to get a certain message across. I’m gonna be completely honest when I say I really don’t think this was my strongest paper. If I had more time on it I think it would have turned out a little better then it did. I could have done numerous things to improve my grade in unit 2. I could have gone to study hours to get more help on my paper so maybe it could be as good as it should have been. Reading for quizzes I have learned is crucial because of the quizzes we get in the beginning of class. The quizzes alone can affect your grade a lot. 


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