Unit 3 post 2

It’s hard to pick one album that I really enjoy the most but the album I really enjoy right now would be Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper. And oldie but a goodie. This album has many aspects that draw me to listen to it so often. Chance’s voice to me when he sings is pleasing to the ears and I think I could listen to him forever. The beats and lyrics in this album are incredible too. I can play it while I’m working out or just hanging out. I can put it on for multiple occasions. The album cover is interesting and intriguing to me because of the soft colors behind in from the sunset or sunrise. I love them so that sticks out to me the most. Mostly I like this album so much is because I like the artist a lot. I have a respect for him for his carefree living and doing what makes him happiest no matter what the circumstances are. It’s a great listen and I encourage you to listen to his upbeat album that makes you feel good after you hear it. If you like rap/hip hop this album could be for you!!! 


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