Unit 4 post 3

The problem with my community would be that it’s so closed minded that if its not their specific way something is done then it’s incorrect or concidered the wrong way. The community I’m referring to is my high school. I don’t want to make this about the teachers but the teachers have a big part in this unfortunately. I came from a Christian school where we were required to have a bible class and chapel every single day. In bible class we were taught a certain way to think religion should work. I remember sitting in class giving my opinion on a certain matter and was shut down by my teacher because that isn’t the way he believed so he completely discarded where I was coming from. I feel like if they were more open to what we believe/think this situation wouldn’t be a problem for me but it did impact my expirence during high school very much so. The solution to this problem would be to not shove your beliefs down someone’s throat but to be open minded about everyone’s opinion and let that person have a chance to say what they think/expirencing. 


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