Blog 2 Semester 2
Grocery Store Designs are Based on Psychology
The first link listed is a brief article about how each individual shelf in your local grocery stores are designed to fool you. It goes into further detail about how cereal isles are designed to trick you into getting the name brand cereals like; lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch, fruity pebbles are all eye level view with the costumer. In response to that design its the first thing people see and reach for. The second link listed opens up the discussion by saying, “Psychology plays a role in consumer behavior. Focus groups, sales data and general psychology have helped managers understand shopper habits, which have led to the formulation of effective floor plans and shelf layouts.” The third link lists how customers senses are engaged the moment they walk into the grocery store. For example, the entrance leads straight to the flowers which give the costumer a feel of walking into a fresh room.


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