Unit 1 blogpost 3 

An argument based off my topic would be pricing. When the customer enters the store he or she  are set to come and get everything off their list. Supermarkets are relying on the fact that you wont check what you end up buying. Its more of an impulse purchase which is what retail stores are hoping you will make. Supermarkets also are banking on the customer to buy in bulk. You would think buying in bulk would save you money, but thats not the case all the time. When you buy in bulk you might end up spending more than you originally intended to or end up buying too much produce. When you buy too much produce you end up wasting food and money in the end. Such techniques are increasingly popular because of a deepening understanding about how shoppers make choices. Retail stores also claim to play slow music so you end up walking slower throughout the store. In result of that the shopper might see something he or she likes that wasn’t already on their list. Along with music playing they usually have the magazine or book section close to the entrance way for people to stop and “chill” and maybe purchase a magazine or two. People tell market researchers and “focus groups” that they make rational decisions about what to buy, considering things like price, selection or convenience. But subconscious forces, involving emotion and memories, are clearly also at work.


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